News & Updates


Lurine's Debut Album CHOSEN TO SERVE, can now be pre-ordered via iTunes! Your instant gratification track is none other than the immensely infectious "Wave It Away"! Grab your copy today folks! 



With invitations sent just 24 hours ahead, Lurine's pre-album launch and listening party turned out to be a huge success! As audiences bled unto the outskirts of the venue, hoping to catch a glimpse of the inside action, Lurine delivered all featured songs PLUS- like it was nobody's business BUT GOD'S! Take in her sample work on the site and remember to PRE-ORDER the album today, you get a special surprise immediately after you do so! We may all have been 'chosen' for a purpose but from the looks of things, Lurine was and still is certainly CHOSEN TO SERVE! 


Lurine Cato....back in the studio!!!

Lurine has been busy, writing, doing photo shoots, recording, gigging and is back in the studio working on new music.  This is going to be very different and we're all very excited for these new gems to drop.  Stay connected, lots more updates coming soon!!